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Can I pay in USD, CAD, GBP... etc?

Yes, payments are accepted for any currency. Please note however that at the checkout the amount will be converted into Australian dollars (since we are Australian based). You will still be able to pay in your local currency using PayPal/credit card/etc. 


Do you do sponsorships?

Yes! Check out our sponsorship page.


When will ________ be back in stock?


We try to restock any items as soon as they are sold out. If your item has been sold out for more than a day, please contact us and we will restock it for you as soon as we can. 


My tracking number says its unavailable?

The tracking number first updates within 5 business days of shipment. Please wait a little while and check back later. 


Can I cancel my order?

Yes, however order cancellation cutoff times depend on where your item is shipped from. If you don't know where your item is being shipped from, please check the product description of the item. Unless otherwise stated, the item will be shipped from Shanghai. 



Please email us before you receive your shipping confirmation email. Once your package has left our warehouse, we cannot cancel your order since it is already on its way to you.



USA - please email us within 30 minutes of placing your order. 

Italy - please email us within 30 minutes of placing your order. 

Australia - please email us within 1 hour of placing your order. 

Orders placed from these countries will have a shorter processing time. 


I've only received some items, where are the others?

Don't be concerned! Your items were most likely shipped from different warehouses so they will arrive separately. You can contact us or check your order status page for updates on the remaining items. 


How long will shipping take?

Please refer to the shipping and returns page for more details. 


Will I have to pay customs fees? 

Most likely not, but please check with your country's customs laws. We are not responsible for paying any fees or taxes when they arrive in your country. 


Where are you based?

Our sales office is in Perth, Western Australia but we ship from Australia, Italy, China and USA . 


How much is this product in $, £, € etc?

Use the currency converter in the top right corner. You will be able to pay for your items in your local currency.


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